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DFM analysis report: CPT engineering team takes a review meeting to analyze the feasibility for tooling and list all the potential risks for the tooling development and future injection mass production. Together with our suggestions and solutions, we provide complete DFM analysis report to the customer for confirmation.

2D&3D Mold Design: Based on the final mutual confirmed product designing and mold specifications, CPT designs 2D and 3D mold assembly also components drawings.

Mold Flow:For complex part of molds, CPT works out mold-flow analysis and provides mold flow analysis report.

Engineering Software: Uni-graphics , Pro-Engineering, Auto-CAD, Autodesk Moldflow Insight 2012.

Tooling Manufacturing Process Quality Control: According to the mold 3D and 2D drawing, the process engineers sift through it and work out the reasonable manufacturing process instruction. The Quality engineers control the whole process quality status.

Quality Assurance: CPT had got both ISO-9000 and ISO14000 certifications on September.10th,2007. On Dec.27,2012, CPT successfully passed the Germany Volkswagen VDA6.3 automobile components production audit and now CPT is providing tooling and plastic parts for Audi, Subaru, Honda etc.



                       Engineering team                                                                             3D Mold Design  

       Mold Flow Analysis                                           Lifter Analysis                                                      Thickness  Analysis