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Customer-oriented is the philosophy of CPT company’s culture. CPT follows the principle of win-win effects and mutual-benefits, co-develops harmoniously and exerts our potentials to integrate the best allocation of resources, optimal organization, best utilization of talents and maximum value. To achieve comprehensive excellence and keep ahead of the competition,CPT continually focuses on four critical areas:Ever-vigilant account management,Innovative tooling engineering & design,Manufacturing capabilities & experienced machinists and Quality assurance from start to finish.

We also endeavor to provide our employees with a happy environment. We believe that a happy employee can always be more efficient than the unhappy one. Activity funds are set for the staff to hold regularly basketball matches, playing badminton and etc. Every year, we will organize our staff and their families to have a trip.

We value all of our employee’s creativity and attach great importance to their growth and development. We have built a long term cooperation with some well-know training institutes in China and provide our employees with technical, language and management trainings. We strive to build a learning organization and ensure we always have the competent staff to service our customers.